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Corridor Type Urgency Region
Bujingijila (Mt Rungwe-Livingstone) E Critical Mbeya
Burigi-Akagera (Rwanda) B Critical Kagera
Burigi-Moyowosi/ Kigosi C Critical Kagera , Kigoma , Shinyanga
Gombe-Kwitanga E Critical Kigoma
Gombe-Mukungu-Rukamabasi E Critical Kigoma
Greater Gombe Ecosystem-Masito-Ugalla A Moderate Kigoma
Igando-Igawa D Moderate Iringa
Katavi-Mahale D Critical Kigoma , Rukwa
Katavi-Rungwa C Moderate Iringa , Mbeya , Rukwa
Kilimanjaro-Amboseli (Kenya) (Kitendeni) D Critical Arusha , Kilimanjaro
Loazi-Kalambo E Critical Rukwa
Loazi-Lwafi D Extreme Rukwa
Manyara Ranch-Lake Natron D Moderate Manyara
Manyara-Ngorongoro (Upper Kitete/Selela) D Extreme Arusha , Manyara
Muhezi-Swaga Swaga C Critical Dodoma
Selous-Niassa (Mozambique) D Moderate Ruvuma
Tarangire-Makuyuni (Makuyuni) D Moderate Manyara
Tarangire-Mkungunero/ Kimotorok D Moderate Manyara
Tarangire-Simanjiro Plains D Critical Arusha , Manyara
Tarangire-Manyara (Kwakuchinja) D Critical Manyara
Udzungwa-Mikumi C Critical Morogoro
Udzungwa-Ruaha D Critical Iringa
Udzungwa-Selous D Extreme Iringa , Morogoro
Uzungwa Scarp-Kilombero NR (Mngeta) E Critical Iringa , Morogoro
Uluguru North-South E Critical Morogoro
Usambaras, East (Derema) E Critical Tanga
Usambaras, West E Critical Tanga
Wami Mbiki-Handeni/ Southern Masai Steppe A Moderate Morogoro , Tanga
Wami Mbiki-Jukumu/Gonabis/ Northern Selous A Critical Morogoro
Wami Mbiki-Mikumi A Extreme Morogoro
Wami Mbiki-Saadani A Extreme Morogoro


Extreme - probably less than 1 year remaining or already closed.
Critical - probably less than 3 years remaining.
Moderate - less than 20 years remaining.

Estimated years remaining before corridor will be closed are based on 2009 evaluation presented in report.

Types of wildlife corridor in Tanzania

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A - Unconfirmed corridors.
B - Uncultivated lands between protected areas without documentation on animal movement.
C - Continuous or semi-continuous non-agricultural land between protected areas with anecdotal information on animal movements.
D - Known animal movement routes between two protected areas.
E - Potential connectivity of important habitats.