Greater Gombe Ecosystem -
Masito - Ugalla

Region: Kigoma
Type: A - Unconfirmed corridors.
Threat: Moderate -less than 20 years remaining.


This corridor includes the area between Greater Gombe Ecosystem and Masito-Ugalla bordered by the Kwitanga Forest and Malagarasi river.

The Greater Gombe-Masito-Ugalla Corridor
The Greater Gombe-Masito-Ugalla Corridor

The Greater Gombe-Masito-Ugalla Corridor

Map ©Lillian Pintea, Jane Goodall Institute


ChimpanzeeChimpanzee nests were recorded in 1995-2000 close to the northern side of the Malagarasi river.

Other wildlife status and chimpanzee movements are unknown.


Charcoal and farming has been the main drivers of deforestation in this region.

Former forest reserves such as Luche, Mlele and Mkuti have been degazeted and lost more than 90% of their forest/miombo woodland cover between 1972-1999 as detected by Landsat MSS and ETM+ satellite images.

Poaching is probably also a major threat because of the high population density in settlements and proximity to Lugufu refugee camp.


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