Kilimanjaro-Amboseli (Kitendeni)

Region: Kilimanjaro , Arusha
Type: D - Known animal movement routes between two protected areas.
Threat: Critical - probably less than 3 years remaining.


The area west of Mt Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro FR) supports large numbers of elephants and other wildlife and serves as an important wildlife corridor between three protected areas, Amboseli NP in Kenya, Lake Natron, and Kilimanjaro NP.

The Kilimanjaro-Amboseli (Kitendeni) Corridor
The Kilimanjaro-Amboseli (Kitendeni) Corridor

The Kilimanjaro-Amboseli (Kitendeni) Corridor


As many as 600 elephants use this area in the dry season, and the area provides important calving areas for zebra, wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelles, and Grant’s gazelles.


In the past, high demand for arable land compelled people to encroach on the Kitendeni corridor, with prices fetching up to the equivalent of $1000 per acre. As a result, the width of the Kitendeni corridor was reduced from 10 km in 1990 to 5 km in 2000. The rate at which the corridor was disappearing mobilized government officials and communities to demarcate the corridor.

The African Wildlife Foundation is involved in securing a solution for this area and have negotiated the acquisition of the West Kilimanjaro Ranch; and area of 75,000 acres which has been set aside for conservation.  Eight villages in the corridor are part of a WMA encompassing approximately 680 km2.