Region: Rukwa
Type: E - Potential connectivity of important habitats.
Threat: Critical - probably less than 3 years remaining.
Loazi-Kalambo and Loazi-Ntantwa-Lwafi Corridors
Loazi-Kalambo and Loazi-Ntantwa-Lwafi Corridors

Loazi-Kalambo and Loazi-Ntantwa-Lwafi Corridors


There are two important wildlife corridors in this neglected part of southwest Tanzania, both of which have only recently been identified. Kalambo FR and just to its north, the Loazi (or Loasi) FR are unusually and problematically connected at a single point (see map).

The habitat is primarily miombo and riverine gallery forest. The area between these reserves, however, is open land and used by an array of important wildlife species. Neither of these protected areas are currently managed in any way and the area between them is unprotected and being rapidly converted to agriculture via charcoal manufacture. Considerable disagreement exists as to which areas are protected and which are not.


LeopardA range of savanna and gallery forest species, the most notable being the IUCN Red Listed eastern chimpanzee.

Large mammals include bush duiker, bushbuck, hartebeest, lesser kudu, waterbuck, zebra and associated carnivore species such as lion and leopard also use the corridor.


Much of the forest that contained chimpanzee nests in 2005 within this corridor has since been completely felled for charcoal, timber and subsequently ploughed agriculture.

This is on-going and will probably be all finished very soon. Sanctioned charcoal manufacture exascerbates the problem.


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